Baraa Primary School

What water is to a tree, education is to poverty


Tanzania is a developing country and Baraa Ward has the highest number of vulnerable kids in the Arusha District.

Our Mission

Build a strong foundation to create a future!

Baraa Primary School is situated in Arusha, Tanzania. There are approximately 1557 pupils, ranging from five to fifteen years. The Belgian foundation iThemba has been proudly sponsoring Baraa Primary since 2009. We have created a unique cooperation between the government and iThemba as we are one of the only charity organizations investing in a government school and not in a private school. Government schools host the poor people of the community, often affected by bad health and difficult family situations. By helping a government school we aim to reach those who need it most. It is our goal to make Baraa Primary School a model for other government schools. We believe that we can make structural changes to a whole community living in poverty and improve the quality of education delivered throughout the Arusha City government schools.


Nobody can learn on an empty stomach. It hurts, breaks concentration and makes studying seem pointless.


Knowledge is food for the brain to give everyone the tools in life they need to succeed. Education is the key to success.

Together we are strong!

Umoja ni nguvu!


Creating a better future for our Baraa pupils doesn't stop at the school gate. Families need Support.