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iThemba Foundation

iThemba – A Belgian Foundation

The iThemba Foundation is a Belgian NGO which has been sponsoring Baraa Primary School since 2009.

The school facilities have undergone a drastic transformation. Buildings and classrooms have been renovated and new food preparation facilities and latrines have been built. Last year we planted a new vegetable garden with an underground irrigation system so we can provide fresh vegetables for lunch.

The improvements have taken Baraa Primary School from the widely acknowledged worst school campus in the Arusha District to one of the finest. The campus now consists of twenty-four classrooms, a large vegetable garden, two playing fields, a kitchen with three large capacity cookers and latrines for both teachers and students. The school also has a well-stocked library and a computer laboratory.


iThemba started by improving the infrastructure of the school, taking care of the water and electricity distribution, donating 10,300 schoolbooks and 270 school desks. Now the focus is entirely on improving the well-being of the pupils and their academic achievements. We aim to see more students improve their performance in their end of term and national examinations.

Our Involvement

The iThemba Foundation attracted new teachers and undertook to pay their salaries. We also sponsor two full time librarian and a sports teacher. We organize on-going training for teachers in English reading, writing, and conversation skills and basic computer skills. Within the scope of a MOU with the Arusha City Education Officer we keep the teaching standards of the government personnel at a high level. Just recently we organized a six month course for teachers to learn how to deal with special needs children.


Besides the traditional teaching duties and the organization of extra curricular activities, iThemba provides a health, feeding and outreach program. We wish to give those children who are less fortunate due to poverty, illness or other circumstances the chance to have a good academic life or develop other talents so that they can be useful members of society, able to contribute to their community.

If you want to have a better idea of our involvement, check out this video’s made by a local film institute in Arusha: Baraa in 2014.