Renovations and Improvements

Building Windows

With almost 2000 students the building and equipment always need some minor repairs.

In order to get all classrooms in the same good state we need to repair furniture and fix other defects like broken doors, locks and replace glass in certain windows.

Annual cost 4.200.000TSh (€1.900).


Many of the classrooms at BPS have not been painted since they were renovated in 2009.

Many are looking shabby, especially besides the new classrooms. We would like to paint and refurbish all the classrooms, inside and outside. We are looking for 30.000.000TSh (€14.500).


We are looking for 39.000.000TSh (€18.000) to fit gutters to all our classrooms so we can rain harvest from all the buildings. This would ensure we always have water when the city water supply fails, as it often does.

We would be able to guarantee our neighbouring secondary school water all year round and supply the local community.

Student desk laptop

Classroom Furniture and Equipment

Notice Board

Baraa Primary School needs notice boards for all classrooms.

One notice board costs 150.000TSh and we need 24 notice boards. Total costs 3.600.000TSh (€1.640)

Ball game

We are looking for 4.000.000TSh (€2.000) to tarmac the netball court which is either a dust bowl or a muddy swamp.


For the old and new classrooms we are looking for new cupboards. One cupboard costs 300.000TSh and we will need 15 new cupboards covered in solid varnish to keep out the termites.

Cost 4.500.00TSh (€2.045)

Kitchen oven icon

Kitchen Improvements


To save money and wood we want to use the heat from the chimneys to preheat the cooking water. We estimate this will save up to 50% of the wood currently consumed.

Cost 3.370.000TSh (€1.532)


Roofing extension for the kitchen to enable to cook outside under a cover and prevent the inhalation of the kitchen fumes and to enlarge the working area.

Cost 200.000TSh (€91).

Child drinking

Fund 20 gas canisters for cooking porridge @ 65.000TSh each.

Cost 1.300.000TSh (€590).


Solar Power

IT Class

Tanzania has a very unreliable electricity supply, without electricity it is hard to improve and upgrade school processes, enable the children to lean IT and run the project effectively.

We would like to install solar as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. The library and the computer room need constant electricity to improve IT skills of students and teachers

We need 100.000.000TSh (€50.000).


Outreach into the Community

Street market

Micro-finance is an established way to help people get out of poverty.

iThemba created the Livelihood Grants Program to provide parents and caregivers, especially women, with the opportunity to start a small business to enable them to increase their income. After thorough examination the candidate receives an interest free loan of 250.000TSh (€100).


Government schools in Tanzania do not have a Child Protection Policy.

We are looking for €6.000 to fund the implementation of the Baraa school’s CPP through the training of teachers, students and caregivers and the funding for the social workers and other officials we work with to implement our policy.​


Poverty, illiteracy, dependency and inequality present some of the biggest challenges facing many of the families of Baraa Primary pupils.

While the iThemba Foundation has created one of the best government primary schools in Arusha City, their home circumstances have a major impact on their ability to thrive.


We’ve recently started working with Arusha Mental Health Trust (AMHT) department of Mount Meru Hospital, Arusha. They offer different many services like clinical psychology, counselling, education and information services like workshops and seminars. They also work in partnership with local organisations who work with and support vulnerable, poor clients.

Baraa Primary School is attended by students who are the poorest of the poor.  We have students who struggle with their behaviour and performance in school because of their bad living circumstances.

The aim of iThemba’s support of Baraa Primary School is to improve the quality of the education, health and wellbeing of the students in the school. To achieve these goals we want to increase the counselling skills of the teachers at school so they are able to better support their students. AMHT can provide a basic counselling course to teachers at the school. They have successfully provided this course already to people working in orphanages, schools and special needs programs with disabled people.

We need funding in order to send teachers on this training course. For 1 teacher to attend the training costs 45 Euros.

Orange icon

Feeding Programme and Garden


It costs iThemba €50 a year to feed a child at the school. We are looking for support for the feeding programme so that we can offer a better and more varied diet to the pupils. We would like to introduce fish, more fruit and occasionally meat.

Every penny of your contribution goes to improving the feeding programme and giving more children a better diet.

Vegetable garden

In order to increase the nutritional value of the food the children get at school we continually need to invest in our organic vegetable garden. Providing tools, seeds, a gardener and taking care of necessary repairs.

​Cost 2.400.000TSh (€1.100).

Chicken enclosure

We are looking for €750 a year to support our chicken project by covering its running costs. All the eggs go those pupils who are HIV+