Art Show Fundraiser

From 1st October till 7th October 2016 at Via Via, Arusha

Together with artists Edison Mugalu, David Kigozi and others from the Umoja Art Gallery.​

All the money raised will go to support the implementation of the school’s Child Protection Policy. This policy aims to protect children from harm or abuse, or risk of harm of all kinds. Baraa Primary School are working to raise awareness among staff, students, parents, the local community and volunteers of their responsibilities for the protection of all children.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a positive, supportive, safe and secure environment in which all our students can thrive, learn and develop.

We open our Art Show with an event on Saturday, 1st October with some wine and small bites at Via Via, Arusha. The Baraa Primary School dance and drum troop will perform at the event. The art work will be exhibited at Via Via until 7th October.

Karibu sana!

Improving the quality of education at government schools in Arusha

Government schools host the poorest people of the community. Students are often affected by bad health and difficult family situations. Through this school we aim to reach those who need it most. It is our goal to make Baraa Primary School a model for other government schools. In doing so we believe we can make structural changes to a whole community living in poverty. Last year Baraa achieved the best test results of any government primary school in Arusha City.

Donate to help develop a Remedial Program

iThemba developed monthly tests and end of term examinations for every Standard. These tests are fully sponsored by Onsea House. Without their help we would not have the basic resources required. The teachers prepare the tests in our computer lab with the help of the iThemba IT teacher. Sometimes regular teaching hours are not enough and extra tutoring is necessary. We hope this year’s fundraising event will enable us to develop and implement a proper ‘remedial program’ for all pupils who require extra help. These pupils are easily identified by the monthly test which tracks pupil’s progress and learning. We aim to provide remedial classess to the lowest scoring 20% of every class.

Donate for reading books in Kiswahili

At the Baraa library we lack reading books written in Kiswahili. With the money raised from this year’s event we hope to be able to provide books in the student’s first language, making it easier for them to make the most of the library.

Fundraising for our Future Projects

We also have many other projects who need sponsoring. Please check them out on our website.

Why help Baraa Primary School?

Baraa Ward has the highest number of vulnerable children in Arusha. Students are frequently affected by HIV, poverty or poor health and currently we host 250 malnourished children. Most of whom have been underfed since birth, which causes a range of health problems.