Good and healthy food is essential to the development of a child.

Via our health program we diagnosed that 25% of our pupils suffer from malnutrition.



A generous donation from ENZA Zaden will enable us to install drip irrigation in 2016, cutting water consumption by about 60%. Freeing up our garden manager to extend the range of vegetable and fruit.

Kitchen Team

The power of 3

CooksThe kitchen staff has the enormous task to cook for 700-900 pupils (depends on amount of parents who pay for their children’s food) and more than 40 staff members.

They provide Awali, Standard 1 and 2 with porridge between 11H and 12H after which these pupils go home. Then rush hour starts for lunch for Standard 3 to Standard 7 followed by the staff members. The kitchen team also provides tea for the teachers often spiced with lemongrass from our school vegetable garden.

Lunch is based on rice  which with kidney beans or choroko (lentals). One per week the typical Makande a mix of maize and beans is dished. The dish is topped up with green vegetables from the school vegetable garden in order to provide the pupils with enough vitamins.

TeaBeans need to cook for hours and it is hard labor in the kitchen to prepare, clean, stir the porridge, beans and vegetables.

The kitchen is equipped with tree big stoves on wood which make the kitchen the hottest place in the whole school. Besides the high temperature, the wood burning also creates a lot of fumes. Therefore, it is within our Future Projects to improve the kitchen facilities. Since the kitchen team only contains three persons they are some of the most hard working members of Baraa Primary School.

Money for Food

Watering the gardenIt is a challenge to raise the necessary lunch money from parents.

Porridge for one month is 3000TSh (€1.5) and lunch is 6000TSh (€3). Many parents are unable or unwilling to contribute to ensure that their child is fed. iThemba Foundation meets the costs for orphans, HIV positive and those from severely deprived backgrounds, currently around 150 pupils.

We have set up an information program to help parents and caregivers understand the importance of a good lunch at school. The price is kept as low as possible. It should be within the possibility of most families to provide this amount per month.

Our Outreach Program is currently investigating all pupils identified as being malnourished. If we are to include them in the feeding program, we will require additional funds.