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The Individual story of a Baraa Pupil

iThemba has created a sponsorship program for pupils of Baraa Primary School. There are many different stories, each of them unique.

Let us tell you the story of David and Rafael who need individual sponsorship:

David, Kelvin and Rafael live with their grandmother Blandina. These children have been living a very hard life since their parents passed away. Their grandmother is very old and she can’t properly take care of them. Having no regular income, a bad house made out of clay and mud without any floors, decent furniture and walls which fall apart, the family lives in harsh conditions. Blandina sells a local beer called “mbege”, which gives her a little money to support the family. However, it is not enough for her to feed and dress her grandchildren.

David just passed his national Standard 7 examination with an A grade. His academic performance has always been good. He is is an excellent English speaker, a good sportsman and captain of our cricket team. However, the chance of David being able to go to secondary school is slim. David’s grandmother has already failed to send David’s brother Kelvin to secondary school due to her inability to pay the school fees and other school requirements. David has shown a lot of interest and enthusiasm to carry on with his education regardless of the situations around him. Without sponsorship this will not be possible.

In the meanwhile Davids’ younger brother Rafael is in our SEN Unit. iThemba is already paying for his food at school and providing other needs. Rafael will need help to have a better future. Maybe not in secondary school like his older brother David, but in developing other talents with the help of our Special Needs Teachers or vocational training.

Contact us if you want to be part of our sponsorship program and we will select a case study for you.