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Sponsor a child!


Elisha, Emanuel, Stella and Winifrida…

… four of our students from Standard 7 who just had their exams in September. Standard 7 is the last year of primary school. Elisha and Winifrida are half-orphans and Emanuel and Stella are orphans. Their families and caregivers sometimes struggle to pay for the children`s schooling and food.

Without sponsorship it is unlikely these four children can afford to go onto secondary school. We want to give Elisha, Emanuel, Stella and Winifrida as much chance as we can in getting an education – so they can move out of the cycle of poverty

Sponsor one of the older students and see them grow into young adults in secondary school.


All students who need sponsorship!

Why Baraa Primary School students need sponsorship

Children whose parents can’t afford to pay for private school will go to a government school. These children are the poorest of the poor. Parents are responsible for paying their child’s school uniforms, food, exam fees, books and pencils.

For the children of Baraa Primary School, the struggle isn’t just about affording school materials and a decent school uniform, but also the inability for their parents to provide the basic daily amenities such as food, good shoes and emergency health care, which makes it possible for their child to make it to school in the first place.

Together with iThemba you can help the most vulnerable children at Baraa Primary School so that they are not forced to quit school as a consequence of their desperate circumstances.

Sponsoring a child provides them with a school uniform (one pair of shoes, a jumper, a pair of shorts or skirt, two vests, two pairs of socks and underwear), exam fees, school materials, emergency medical care if needed, and most importantly, every school day a hot meal at lunch time. Often this is the child’s one guaranteed meal a day.

It costs either 250€ yearly or 21€ monthly to sponsor a student at the school. A breakdown of what this donation covers is school stationery and books, school uniforms, school shoes, school lunch, basic first aid/emergency medical care performed at the school and an annual school trip.*Please note that more serious physical and dental issues must be addressed by the family and the community.  iThemba Foundation, although we try to help as much as we can, is not a health care provider.

How it works

Children are put forward for sponsorship by teachers, volunteers, iThemba staff or parents. We then interview them to understand a little about their lives. Then our Outreach Worker visits each child that is interviewed at home to understand their home life. This helps us to decide if the student really needs sponsorship and if they are a high, medium or low priority for sponsorship. We then create a sponsorship sheet for each child that needs sponsorship.

If you want to sponsor a child, all you need to do is send an email to, let us know if you have a preference for sponsoring a boy or girl and what sort of age child. We will send a profile of a child over to you. You can select a child yourself that you want to sponsor on our Children that needs Sponsorship page.

Payment needs to be paid into our Leraren Zonder Grenzen account – for more details see our Donations section on our Contribute page. However when you email us about sponsoring a child we’ll provide you with all the information that you need to know.

We will send you an update on your sponsored child every 3 months so you can see how they are progressing.