STD III"Standard III Sponsorship"

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Standard III

Debora Obed Naigisa

Mambo! I am Debora  a girl of seven years old. I live in Ngulelo area with my  grandmother. I go to Baraa Primary School now.  I have four siblings. My grandmother sells milk for a living. My father left us and have another wife. My walk to school takes one hour.   I really like going to school. Mathematics and Handwriting are my favorite subjects. When I grow up I want to be a Solder.


John Meshilieki Lemitaro

Mambo! I am John and I’m 8 years old and I’m a boy. I live in Sorenyi and I live
with my parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My parents grow maize and beans
and sell it on the street. In the morning I don’t get breakfast and twice a week we don’t have enough money for evening meal. My best subject is handwriting and I like playing football. When I grow up, I want to grow crops like my parents.


Naomi Mpinda Kiuku

Hello. My name is Naomi and I’m 8 years old. I’m in standard 2 at Baraa Primary School. I live in Kambi Ya Chupa with my parents, two sisters and one brother. In the morning I get leftovers as breakfast. Then I’ll walk to school for one hour. When I go home, I have to take care of my little sister. I also collect water in small containers. At school I like to play with the jumping rope. I don’t know what I want to do in the future yet.


Careen Joshua Kisivan

Hello. My name is Careen and I was born in 2009. I am a girl. I live with my mother. I have two siblings. My father died while I was young. My mother is working as a school cleaner at Baraa Primary School. I am in standard 3. When I grow up I like to become an accountant.


How it works

Children are put forward for sponsorship by teachers, volunteers, iThemba staff or parents. We interview them to understand a little about their lives. Then our Outreach Worker visits each child that is interviewed at home to understand their home situation. This helps us to decide whether the student really needs sponsorship and if they are a high, medium or low priority for sponsorship. We create a sponsorship sheet for each child that needs sponsorship. 

There are different reasons why a child would need sponsoring. Some of them are orphans, some are abused by their parents or caregivers, others have alcoholic parents or suffer themselves from diseases (are malnourished, epileptic, have eye problems and so on).

If you want to sponsor a child, all you need to do is send an email to Let us know if you have a preference for sponsoring a boy or girl and the age of the child. We will send a profile of a student over to you. You could also select a child yourself that you want to sponsor on our sponsorship page.

Payment can be made either yearly (€250) or monthly (€21) into our Leraren Zonder Grenzen account. For more details see our Donations section on our contribute page. However, when you mail us about sponsoring a child, we will provide you all the information.

Afterwards, we will send you an update on your sponsored child every 3 months so you can see how they are getting on. We also have our own Facebook page called “If You Were in My Shoes” about sponsoring students at Baraa Primary School.