DSC02793"Form I Secondary School Sponsorship"

Secondary School Sponsorship Form I

Alex Felisian Joseph

I am a 15-year old boy. I live with my mother and 2 brothers Joshua and Joseph. I don’t know where my father is, I have not seen him for a long time. My mother works as waitress and works long hours. I am studying really hard at school because I have national exams this year. If I pass those exams well I can go to secondary school. I hope one day I can be a doctor so I can heal sick people.

Dickson Abraham Lomayani

I am a 13 year old boy. I live with my grandmother and aunt together. I have two sisters who live with my mother. My father died 5 years ago. My mother doesn’t have enough money to look after us all. My grandmother sells bananas to earn money. I walk 45 minutes to school. In school I like English and Kiswahili, and playing football the most. When I get home I help around the house, and if I have time I play football with my friends, but this year I’m spending a lot of time studying for exams I have this year.

Elisha Simon Mollel

I am 14 years old. I live with my mother and my 5 siblings. My father died 2 years ago. My mother earns money from selling milk from a cow we have, but we don’t have enough money for food every day. I like to Kiswahili, English and Social Studies in school. I also like playing football but I’m not doing that so much this year as I’m studying a lot for exams I have. I would like to be a soldier when I grow up.

Stella Jafari Bella

I am 13 years old. I live in an orphanage called St. Lusia. My parents passed away. I have one brother and one sister who live with my aunt. I walk to school in the morning which takes an hour. In school I like Mathematics, English and Geography. I like spending time reading in the library too. This year I’m studying really hard. After school I wash my school clothes. Saturday we clean the orphanage and on Sunday we go to church. When I am older I want to be a pastor.


Charles Lowassa Melijaki

Mambo, My name is Charles am 17 years old. I am a boy. I live in Baraa area with my parent. I live in Baraa area. I have three brothers and six sisters.  My father is not working but my mother grows vegetables for food and for earn money. Both my parents are alcoholic.  My walk to school takes  half an hour. After school I take our cow to graze, collect water and also I wash my school uniform. When I am grown up I want to be a Teacher.

How it works

Children are put forward for sponsorship by teachers, volunteers, iThemba staff or parents. We interview them to understand a little about their lives. Then our Outreach Worker visits each child that is interviewed at home to understand their home situation. This helps us to decide whether the student really needs sponsorship and if they are a high, medium or low priority for sponsorship. We create a sponsorship sheet for each child that needs sponsorship. 

There are different reasons why a child would need sponsoring. Some of them are orphans, some are abused by their parents or caregivers, others have alcoholic parents or suffer themselves from diseases (are malnourished, epileptic, have eye problems and so on).

If you want to sponsor a child, all you need to do is send an email to baraasponsorship@gmail.com. Let us know if you have a preference for sponsoring a boy or girl and the age of the child. We will send a profile of a student over to you. You could also select a child yourself that you want to sponsor on our sponsorship page.

Payment can be made either yearly (€250) or monthly (€21) into our Leraren Zonder Grenzen account. For more details see our Donations section on our contribute page. However, when you mail us about sponsoring a child, we will provide you all the information.

Afterwards, we will send you an update on your sponsored child every 3 months so you can see how they are getting on. We also have our own Facebook page called “If You Were in My Shoes” about sponsoring students at Baraa Primary School.