Feeding Programme"Every day there is lunch provided by the school chefs Mama Beti and Mama Dani, supported by vegetables of our school garden"

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Feeding Sponsorship

For Those Who Need it Most


The brain needs food to learn. With the help of iThemba, Baraa Primary School is trying the emphasize the importance of a good and healthy meal. Since we are fully aware of the many difficult problems the pupils of Baraa Primary School encounter in their daily life, we have established a feeding program for those who need it most.

The feeding programme reaches out to orphans, malnourished pupils, pupils with a severe health condition or those from particularly disadvantaged backgrounds. We define orphans as children who either lost both parents or only one. In Tanzania, single parent families struggle really hard to get enough income to provide for their children. For these pupils, iThemba will cover the costs of an education and porridge or lunch.

The list of pupils who are part of the feeding programme is made up after they have been diagnosed via our Health Program with malnutrition, HIV or AIDS or another severe health condition and after a careful analysis of the pupils’ home and family situation via our Outreach Program.

Feeding a child costs only 5 € per month.


What the sponsorship pays for:

• One hot meal at school for 1 child
• Increase the nutritional value of food provided at school
• 2 cooks and a kitchen assistant

Furthermore donations will also be used for kitchen repairs and for improvements in the kitchen.

How it works

If you want to sponsor the food for a child, all you need to do is send an email to baraasponsorship@gmail.com. We will add your amount of money in our feeding programme and increase the number of students who get food.

Payment needs to be paid into our Leraren Zonder Grenzen account – for more details see our Donations section on our Contribute page. However when you email us about sponsoring a child we’ll provide you with all the information that you need to know.