If it is your dream to come to Tanzania and be part of our charity project, you are most welcome! We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us achieve our goals. There are different qualifications we are always looking for:

Here are some of the exiting volunteering opportunities we offer.

Teaching Volunteers

We need qualified teachers or those in training. You will assist in the professional development of the Baraa teachers, working together with them in class. In the introductory standards the focus lies on teaching the pupils how to read, write and count. Since the teaching languages are English and Kiswahili you will form a pair with a local teacher. As a team you work on the overall teaching techniques and qualities, help to prepare classes and give ideas and suggestions to improve the structure and learning process of the pupils. We also have remedial classes after normal teaching hours for our slow learners or for those children who are behind in class because they didn’t start school at seven years old (the Mwemka group). As part of the ECA program iThemba provides book clubs, IT-classes, art classes and sports where you can be of tremendous help.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English to pupils and teachers whose first language is Kiswahili is a real challenge. Therefore if you have experience in teaching English as a foreign language, everybody at Baraa Primary School would benefit from your teaching skills. In Tanzania English is the keystone for a better future, since it increases the chances on a good job. We are looking for a TEFL teacher for one year. This role offers free accommodation and a small stipend.

Medical Help

Education and health go hand in hand. To keep our grades up, we have to ensure that the pupils of Baraa Primary School are healthy. If you are a doctor, a nurse or you have expertise in nutrition, skin infections, burn wounds, dental hygiene, optometry, your time is more than well spent at Baraa Primary School. Before your arrival we will work out a detailed program so we can team you up with a Kiswahili translator or a local doctor or nurse.

Marketing and IT Volunteers

Running a school is so much more than providing a good education. A school has to be managed as well, so if you have any experience in management or administration in education, Baraa Primary School would benefit from your experience. We also seek people who can assist in our business volunteering program: IT specialists for our computer laboratory to take care of the general maintenance, servers, networks and website. In the marketing and advertising department, we can use creative and skilled persons to produce material for the annual fundraising event, our sponsorship programmes and general awareness rising.

Garden and maintenance

Fundi is the Kiswahili word for a handyman and is used in Tanzania to refer to anybody who has practical skills repairing, mending, building or making something. We focus on a eco-friendly approach and we recycle wherever possible. We need people with practical skills to help us maintain the school. 1750 pupils mean a lot of wear and tear on our infrastructure.
Our school gardengrows indigenous, nutritious vegetables to supplement the school lunch. Growing enough vegetables for 1750 pupils takes a lot of effort. If you enjoy hard work under a hot sun and know something about gardening, we need you.

Sports programme

Assist Emanuel our sports teacher in the morning with different sports classes. In the afternoon we have a sports programme consists out of football, running, netball, volleyball, basketball and cricket.
You are always free to discuss own ideas with Emanuel and bring them into the project. Lessons are always outside but you can also teach the students the rules of sports when it is raining.
If you are sportive, pro active and able to give sport lessons to classes between 40 – 70 students, you are more than welcome.

If you want to bring something with you for the students when you come to Baraa Primary School, please see our  wishlist for donations.