Arusha and Mt. Meru

Living in Arusha

Discovering Arusha

Volunteering is a nice way to get in touch with the African culture. If you have never been outside Europe, your first impressions will be quite a shock. Women, who have baskets with water or fruit on their head, goats and cows running everywhere and the traffic is simply chaotic. Public transport is either a daladala (mini bus) where they cram as many people inside it as possible or a piki piki (motorcycle). People in the street call out “mzungu” which means “white person” in Kiswahili.

​After your working day, you can enjoy many things in Arusha. The sun sets every day at around 18.30H. You can enjoy the taste of traditional food like ugali (maize flour pap), kiti moto (barbequed pig), masaai goat or chips na mayai (fries with eggs) or go out for dinner to one of the more western restaurants. In the evening, there are many bars and clubs where you can enjoy dancing and different music. Almost everywhere in Arusha there are campfires which create a nice atmosphere.

There are trips of varying length you can take over the weekend or after your volunteering period. There are the hot springs near Moshi, where you can jump into crystal clear and warm tropical water. You can go on a day trip to one of Arusha’s nicest waterfalls up on the slopes of Mount Meru or go and live like a maasai for one day and get in touch with the way they live and visit their bomas (traditional houses). Longer trips take you to Zanzibar where you can enjoy the nice white beaches of the Indian Ocean. You can also go on safari and see the beautiful African wildlife in one of the many National Parks. If you are up to it, you can even go on an expedition and climb the highest mountain of the African continent: Mount Kilimanjaro.

Spending your time volunteering gives you the opportunity to live in another culture, get to know a different community and expand your knowledge of the world. It most definitely adds a good and nice edge to your curriculum vitae.