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Visa and Work Permit

If you want to volunteer at Baraa Primary School, you will have to obtain two documents:

(1) a Tourist Visa

(2) a Working Permit

The first document will get you across the border into Tanzania and allows you to ‘be’ in the country.

The second document allows you to work in the country and is obligatory since volunteering is considered ‘work’ by the Tanzanian immigration rules.

Tourist Visa

A Tourist Visa lasts for 3 months and costs $50 ($100 if you are Irish or American). The Visa is issued at the airport or at any border of Tanzania upon your arrival.

Work Permit

There are 2 options depending on the time you would like to spend as a volunteer: a permit for 3 months or less or a long term permit.

(A) If you would like to stay 3 months or less, you will have to get a Business Visa. This costs $250 and is issued in Arusha upon your arrival. IThemba will assist you in obtaining this and will provide you with the necessary paperwork. You will need to bring 2 passport sized photographs with you for this.

(B) If you would like to volunteer for more than 3 months, you need to get a long-term RPC Permit (Residence Permit class ‘C’) and a Work Permit class ‘D’. In total these cost $1150. These are only processed in Dar-Es-Salaam. In order to issue this permit we will have to arrange all the necessary paperwork prior to your arrival. For such a long term stay you will have to provide us with the following documentation: 8 passport photographs on a blue background and 2 passport photographs on a white background; (2) a copy of your CV in English; (3) a certified copy of your passport; (4) certified copies of your academic certificates with an English translation.